Evidence-Based Design


Spacewerks - Evidence-Based Design

Our competitors look to their past experience to guide their solution. We look to research and proof to guide ours.

Evidence-based design is an informed approach to designing the built environment - looking to research and performance metrics to guide the design. It is human-centered design at its best used to enhance performance and drive productivity.

Empower people, drive business
Spacewerks delivers buildings as a business tool to empower your people to do their best work. We continuously measure and improve the workspace impact on your most valuable asset: your people. We draw on performance statistics to form space around proven strategies for improving collaboration and fostering innovation.


Building Metrics

The Marketplace

• 30% savings in utility charges

• 6.5 months construction

• 36% increase in perception
building will help attract new

• $89 per square foot compared to
industry standards of $135 (2001)

• LEED Gold certification and
AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Award

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